Connect with Us

Connect with Us

The Blessings of Connecting to a Church Family

Connecting to a family gives a sense of comfort and security. When you become a Christian, you became a part of God’s family, the community of believers who make up His church.

Worshiping Together:
When we become Christians, we become part of the body of Christ. We become part of His worldwide Church. This body of people unites together to do the work of the Lord and to worship Him together. Worshiping with other believers gives us greater strength to serve God.

Fellowshipping Together:
Kings Mountain Baptist Church is a great place to find fellowship with other believers. Through fellowship activities in the church, the whole community can be reached. Getting together for a picnic, or to work on a project together, or just for a time of talking and sharing are all ways of getting to know people better.

Ministering Together:
One of the greatest advantages of regular church attendance is the privilege of studying with other Christians. Regular study of the Bible gives a person a good background and understanding of the Word. Pastors prepare sermons to help us grow and become mature. As we are ministered to in these ways, we in turn become able to minister to others.