About Us

About Us

A place to learn
We believe that God’s Word, the Bible, is more than just a story book; it is God’s revelation to mankind. That the eternal truths of Scripture are relevant today. Every service is designed to put you in touch with God’s wonderful blueprint for life and help you experience the transforming power of the applied Word in your life.

A place to serve
Kings Mountain Baptist Church is a place where you will find  people who genuinely care about others. Our mission is to follow Christ’s example by ministering and serving the spiritual and physical needs of others. The diversity of this ministry provides ample opportunity to serve the Lord. Faith in Action is a growing faith.

A place to worship
Worship is much more than an emotional high brought about by an uplifting song or a touching story. It begins with a mind, soul and spirit that is truly surrendered to Christ. Our worship service is designed to honor God in song, in prayer, praise, fellowship and the preaching of the Word. Our goal is not to send you away feeling good, but rather renewed in the “inner man” because you have experienced the power of God.

A place to belong
Kings Mountain Baptist Church has been and presently is, a home to caring Christians. We offer you a warm welcome because we care for you. We offer you a sense of community and support because we all need to have a safe place where we are encouraged, accepted and loved. We offer you Christ-centered programs because we all have room in our life for growth.  We believe that Christ established His church to serve as a spiritual hospital, a place where all should be welcome because we all have a continuing need of God’s grace in our lives. Regardless of your past, Jesus cares for you and so do we. Through the years many have accepted our invitation and found that Kings Mountain Baptist Church is truly….